One of the most critical aspects of telling stories is relating to an audience. In all the work I've done, I have sharpened a unique style of writing and worked to ensure that the publications I work for provide consistent, branded content to readers and viewers, allowing for an instant and meaningful connection between publisher and consumer.

Will Clark Music

As a working musician, I've learned how to build an audience and promote my content. Using the sites ReverbNation and YouTube, I've been able to craft an online following, and I regularly get calls from people who have seen my website and want to hire me. Over the past three years I've played more than 150 paid gigs, and I recently cracked the Top 40 on the Dallas charts on the worldwide music promotion website ReverbNation.  I've utilized video content, frequently posting to distribute performances and songs. By creating Sizzle Reels, or mini-music videos, I'm able to market myself to possible venues, club owners and private clients.

Video I used to recap a recent show I played to more than 600 people at The Bomb Factory.

Through my efforts I was able to break the Dallas Top 40 charts on ReverbNation.

Sizzle reel I posted on my website to promote myself.

I have more than 100 fans on ReverbNation, and they come from all over the country.

Other Music Promotion

Using Photoshop, I created this poster to promote a gig my band Wolf Lewis and the Howlers. Click on the Facebook event button to see our promotional page.

ReMarker Brand

In order to provide a cohesive style for our paper and to provide our readers with a distinct and fresh look from the previous years of The ReMarker, I helped redesign the masthead of our paper and its sections. With a consistent style, our brand defines the publication from the writing to the design.

A lot of these branding skills and my experience building an audience have translated to my work on The ReMarker, where I've co-directed the development of a distinct style of design. Unique to this volume of The ReMarker, we implemented a large circle in our masthead and continued the theme throughout the paper on our section headers.     

Our masthead on the cover of our September 2015 issue, the first edition of The ReMarker with the new redesign. 

We continued the use of the circle throughout the paper in our three main sections, our first section being News.

African American Repertory Theater Promotion

I also work at the local African American Repertory Theater (AART) as the social media editor and graphic designer. I create promotional content and write posts on Facebook and Twitter to advertise their shows. My posts are viewed by tens of thousands of followers, and the promotional campaigns I've run for two of their shows — A Soldier's Play and Court-Martial at Fort Devens — have garnered valuable ticket sales. 


Social Media

My banner design on the AART Facebook page.




Promotional Graphic Design

A postcard design for   Court-Martial at Fort Devens.

A postcard design for Court-Martial at Fort Devens.

The back of the postcard.

My current design for a poster for the upcoming show.