Editorial Design

Here are some of my page designs, and if you scroll over the image, you will see a brief description of the piece at the bottom of the image. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Special Section



I wanted to focus on the amazing portrait photo in this design, framing the story with a subtle use of a box and allowing the picture more room to breathe.

This sports page design uses a wide array of statistics positioned around and behind the player, bringing the dominant visual to the forefront while still prominently featuring the numbers. 

This design went on to win 1st place in CSPA's Gold Circle awards for “Typography: The look of one page.” 

With a full page photo, the placement of the story is always tricky, and the solution here was to place the copy in a box in the bottom half of the page, showcasing the stunning organ.

This design went on to win 2nd place in CSPA's Gold Circle Awards as part of my “Single Page Design Portfolio.” 


For this cover, I combined the photos of several Latino students in our community to create a photo collage of the alleged people who Trump had recently slandered. I then placed a search bar over his mouth, demonstrating the hateful speech that immigrants face.  

On this cover, we wanted to show the wide variety of student ethnicities. We demonstrated, however, that below the skin level, a lot of our students aren't very different, contradicting the true meaning of diversity. The dramatic use of a black background reinforced the intensity of the images and the subject matter.


While this centerspread design is unconventional, it leads the reader through the story in a straightforward and linear fashion. I intentionally used white space and modules of content to break down the information, and the headline package, with its minimalist and spacious use of text, immediately stands out.

This design went on to win 3rd place in UIL's State award for Double Truck Design.

The large photos on the left hand page create a powerful dominant visual, divided by an expanded set of the labels that define diversity. While this leaves a lot of text to the right hand page, I used sidebars and infographics to break up the text.

The tricky aspect of this design was the huge amount of content I needed to fit on the page to tell the story. While the design is tight, the variety of modules (from images to Q&A to infographics) frame the body copy and provide critical information that is easier to process. 


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I love working on the Focus magazine, as it lets me explore designs that would not normally be appropriate for newspapers. In this edition of Focus, we broke down the magazine into five major sections, each one containing a title page with a dominant photo, section headline and spot color. Each section has a distinct style, yet the magazine as a whole still feels cohesive. We improved our design from the last edition by utilizing more full page bleeds and employing the more standardized three column page design as opposed to the four columns in our October issue.

Our October 2015 edition of Focus was our first attempt at creating a magazine, and we concentrated on making the magazine as lively and engaging as possible. The unique font selection, dramatic drop caps and use of spreads rather than pages made the magazine stand out from the newspaper. 

Entertainment Pages


Our design for this reviews page ranked the best milkshakes on the "straw scale," a quirky and original presentation that stood out from our normal reviews.

Part of my portfolio that received 2nd place in CSPA Gold Circle Awards for “Single Page Design Portfolio.” 

I came up with the "Noise-o-meter," which received praise form the community and presented our take on the nominations for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

Part of my portfolio that received 2nd place in CSPA Gold Circle Awards for “Single Page Design Portfolio.” 


By using a circle, I compartmentalized the information and played on the movie theme by making the reviews into the shape of a film reel.

This is also the first appearance of "Headliners," a concept I designed that provided a calendar for upcoming arts and entertainment events. 

Part of my portfolio that received 2nd place in CSPA Gold Circle Awards for “Single Page Design Portfolio.” 

I designed this photostory on a music festival at our school, using a variety of shapes of photos and modified mosaic design.