As managing editor of The ReMarker, one of my primary tasks is quality control. I'm the first set of eyes on a story, and I continue editing all the way until publication. This means I've had to master both the AP style and our unique style at The ReMarker. But my editing goes beyond that. Every story I edit, I direct the student journalist on the construction and accessibility of his piece as well.  

My ability to catch the tiniest errors and to direct the angle of a story comes from years of being edited. Before I was able to help others develop their unique writing style, I had to first examine what worked and what didn't work in my own writing. One of my flaws was assuming the reader's familiarity with the story. Looking back on my articles, I found that I would leave out critical pieces of information that seemed obvious and unnecessary to me as the writer but left the reader with gaps in the story. Now I carefully consider how a story will be read by a member of the St. Mark's community, not just by me. 

I encourage my fellow staff members to think in the same way, trying to orient themselves in the mind of the reader so the whole story is covered from all angles.

Here you will find a sample paper I've edited and my reasoning behind the edits. Scroll over the dots on the image to see the reasoning.

Our ReMarker style sheet

In addition to editing stories, we also tediously edit each page before we go to print. As managing editor, it's one of my primary tasks to make sure every page is both edited for copy and edited for design.